Project Cars

Waiting is the Hardest Part

We have the majority of our 1973 911 back together and it runs just fine—we drove it out of our garage last weekend and turned it around before putting it back in.  Our cold Ohio winters and a lack of windshield kept us from driving further. 

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Holiday Wrenching

It seems like we get the most work done on this project when we have time off from real work.  We took advantage of some unseasonably warm weather here in Ohio to put more parts on our newly painted 911. 

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Reassembly Continues.

Seriously,  Reassembling a car after a full windows-out, bare metal paint job takes a lot of time. We're working on the car about 10-15 hours a week and it's not something that can be rushed.  We make little steps forward with each session and make progress every day.  

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Earth-Toned Goddess

There are watershed moments both in history and in automotive restorations.  Certainly putting the final coats of paint on our 911 qualifies as such a turning point in our progress.  Parts that were dull and grey are now bright and shiny, while pieces can slowly start to go back on our 40 year-old Porsche.  

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