Project Cars

A 911SC Joins the Family

We have added a new prize the Stoddard collection – a 1982 911 SC. Not long ago this generation of 911 was considered too new to be a classic, and often lost in the shadow of the long hood cars. But in the past few years interest in the SC has increased dramatically as more people are appreciating these wonderful driver’s cars. 

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Insert Tank Pun Here.

The fuel tank on any vintage car can be the source of much aggravation—and in many cases, it can be the cause of many a car's early demise.  We theorized that a rusty tank was one of the original reasons our car was laid up in a Montana barn for over a decade.  

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Our 912 Gets Some Love

Our 1969 912 soft window Targa is undergoing some engine and suspension work.  While we went through much of the car during its restoration, we left the low-mileage long block alone. Now it's time to go back through it and make sure it's up to snuff. We're also going to be fixing up the suspension with anti-roll bars and a wider (yet stock appearing) wheel and tire package. 

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Final Push To The Finish

This weekend's project was sorting out the various lights on our 1973 911T and installing our rear window. We are in the final push to completion on this project and we're excited to get it on the road and sort out any more issues before we offer it for sale next month. 

We noticed a few lights out before we tore the car apart for paint, but decided that it didn't make a lot of sense to spend a lot of time trouble shooting.  The car is, of course, back together now and we're making sure everything works! 

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