Customer Projects

Any Old Porsches Hanging Around?

Dear Stoddard, 
 I enjoyed chatting w/ you at Hershey. As promised, attached are photos documenting how I jacked my rusty 1962 S-90 sunroof coupe up into my garage ceiling. I think car is Oslo Blue, wheels and interior are red. This happened around 1985. I am in plaid shirt with curly hair at the time. 

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We Talk "SC/HR" With Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker's SC/HR

A couple of months ago, we were afforded the opportunity to sit down with Magnus in his LA warehouse shop to discuss his newest project. The SC/HR was a bit of a departure for Magnus, as this car was formed from the base of an ubiquitous G-body 911 SC from 1978. Magnus work on something other than a long-hood car?  Wait until you hear what he told us at the end!

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Sepia 1973

A customer of ours noticed that our engine lid seal looked a little strange (it had gotten folded under the lid during our latest cold snap and stayed that way) and mentioned he had a Sepia 1973 as well.  We, of course, asked for pictures.  

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