Historical Lessons

Meeting The Man on the Cover

George Duck of Paso Robles, California contacted us recently asking about the black and white photograph that we used on the cover of our previous Stoddard 356 Catalog.  George knew one of the men depicted in photo that was shot in Germany in the late 1950s.  We dug through our archives and sent along the artwork.  

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A Carrera Story

We don't normally do "Columns" per se here at Stoddard.com—trying to keep with the editorial "We" in our prose about products and events.  That said, sometimes things make more sense when just told as a story.  Here's a not-so-tall tale about how my dad briefly owned a 356 Carrera.  

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Underneath a Survivor

While we were at European Collectibles last month, we got a chance to crawl under an original early 911 that was getting a very sympathetic cleaning.  It's really neat to hear about barnfinds like this—and even cooler to see it in person.  We shot some pictures of the underside to show how the cars look in unrestored, yet good condition.    

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The 901 Prototype

















This is genesis.  I'm not talking about the Sega video gaming console.  I'm not even talking about the iconic late sixties prog-rock band fronted by Peter Gabriel.  We are looking at one of the first in a long line of 911 production. 

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