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New Stoddard Brake Shoes

by Cameron Taylor

Demand the best for your vintage Porsche brakes– Stoddard’s new production of quality 356 drum brake shoes. When the 356 was produced, it was equipped with drum brakes, which were pretty normal for the time. These function by expanding the pair of shoes into the inner friction surface of the drum to create friction to stop the car. In 1964,  with the introduction of the 356C, Porsche switched to the newer and more modern disc brake system. However, there are many older models still on the road, and as they are performance cars, albeit vintage,  braking is still of top importance. 

For many years remanufactured brake shoes were the only choice for the 356 owner. Just as it sounds, each shoe is stripped of its friction material and new material is reapplied. Now there is an option for higher quality and better performance. For the first time in decades, newly manufactured 356 brake shoes are available for sale. These new shoes are designed to fit perfectly and are a great value.

Stoddard brake shoes are made here in America using the highest quality components. Each new backing plate is laser cut and then assembled using state of the art computer-controlled TIG welding. The backing plate ends are finished with proper coining to better fit the cylinders. The friction material is bonded to our plates with asbestos free lining applied by the largest manufacture of brake shoes here in the United States.

An axle set of our brake shoes (4)  is a great value and will fit 356, 356A, and 356B models. There is no core charge as we use all new material.

Click Here to Buy. 



Our backing plate components are made from high quality steel

Our shoes are made using state of the art TIG welding for optimum fit and precision.

Obenauf's Leather Oil

Stoddard is proud to announce that we are now a stocking distributor for Obenauf's Leather Oil.  It's a great product that helps older leather look its best.  Made in the USA from a special formulation of beeswax and natural oils, it freshens older leather and keeps it from cracking further.  It's easy to apply. We treated the leather in all of our cars and have been very pleased with the results.  It even works on other leather products, like shoes and belts. 

You can purchase it HERE in our online store.  

We sell the Obenauf's Leather Oil in a convenient 8-ounce bottle. This will be enough oil to treat your seats several times.  

This is a typical side bolster seen on a well-cared for 993.  After 20+ years, the leather has dried and started cracking. 

The top cap of the bottle includes a dauber to apply the oil.  

After you've applied some oil with the dauber, you might also try rubbing the oil into the leather with your hands.  It's easier to work into the seams and corners that way.  We'd probably recommend latex or nitrile gloves for this step.  

Side bolsters typically need the most attention. 

Use your fingers to massage the oil into the seams and cracks of the leather. 

After you've applied the Obenauf's Leather Oil, let it sit over night.  Reapply to any areas that are cracked and let it absorb again.  Finally, you can buff it to a nice, matte shine.  

Once the leather is buffed, you can see how the finish is very uniform, soft and "healthier" than when you started. It does not fill in any cracks or bring back areas where the dye has worn away, it just helps keep the leather soft and supple so further damage is minimized. 

You can purchase it HERE in our online store.  

Stoddard Stainless Sport Exhaust System for 356 and 912.

Stoddard Stainless Sport Exhaust System for 356 and 912. 

A few years ago, we helped the TV Show, "Overhaulin'" build a custom 356 by supplying them with sheetmetal and trim items to complete the project. The Host, Chip Foose, did a lot of custom work on the 356 and our friend Rod Emory chipped in as well. One finished car included a pretty wild exhaust system that we loved.  

    The exhaust system was engineered at Magnaflow for the TV Show—we took that original design and adapted it for larger scale production to fit 356A through 356C cars with the included mandrel-bent tubes that slide into the stock bumper outlets.  We also created tips so that the all-stainless-steel performance exhaust could be used on a 912.  It's got a great, throaty sound and works well on stock and 1720cc big bore engines.  
    The exhaust systems are constructed out of 400-series stainless steel with polished straight-through perforated-core mufflers. The design incorporates an X or Cross pipe design to boost torque, which is usually difficult from a packaging perspective on a flat-four engine.  
    We took extra care to perfect the exhaust note of the system. There is no resonances or drone at speed—just a nice, throaty sound during acceleration.  

Here's a link of the video of the sound during acceleration HERE.  You can also hear the exhast system idling HERE. 

Please give us a call at (800) 342-1414 to order or go HERE to order online. 

The Exclusive Stoddard Car Dolly, for 911 or 912. A 356 Adapter Is Now Available!

Are you looking for a convenient way to work on your bare Porsche 911 or 912 chassis?  We have developed a heavy duty, professional quality body dolly that is perfect for your bare-tub Porsche restoration. The design is extremely stable and sturdy—each of the four 4.5-inch casters is rated at 5000lbs each and are designed to roll over uneven solid surfaces easily. 

Click Here to Buy One! 

The chassis dolly is only intended to hold a bare 911, 912 or 356 Chassis.  You have to unbolt the engine, transmission and front suspension for it to work.  It is not intended to hold a completed car. 

There is now a 356 Adapter Available!  Click Here.

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Renew Your Steering

Renew  Your  Steering

You’ve spent considerable time and money on the body and trim of your 356, but have you paid attention to the running gear?  Often the most forgotten area is the front suspension, and especially the steering part of it.  You’ve probably rebuilt the outer spindles and replaced the tie rod ends.  But, most often neglected is the steering gearbox

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Hump Panels—Moving Quickly

If there ever was a bellweather for the 911 restoration business, the hump panel is it. Thanks to rising car values, we are seeing a huge increase in people needing this rather esoteric piece of sheetmetal—to fix rust most often caused by severe salt exposure or a leaking windshield seal on cars previously thought of as "unrestoreable."  Folks, everything is restorable!  


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A Primer on 356 Bearing Sets

Main bearing Sets are a constant source of confusion for early air-cooled Porsche owners.  The Factory long ago stopped producing full sets and the engines can take a variety of different sizes, based upon year of manufacture and machine work to account for wear. Here's a handy guide to what bearings are available for your 356 or 912

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