Survivor SC: Mostly Back Together


Our 1978 911SC is coming back together, but we are taking time to make sure that everything is up to snuff mechanically. This, of course, is adding time and money to our budget.  

Our 3.0 engine buttoned back up with new 993 style case studs, a bunch of new hardware, oil lines,  ignition cables and more.  If you're going to tear into the motor, do it right.   The CIS fuel distributor was sent out for cleaning. 

The original heat exchangers were corroded, despite the car's low mileage.  We replaced them with new examples.  

The original fuel tank had way too much crud in it—we replaced it with a new one that was coated and painted to match the Factory one.  

New brake rotors and pads, of course. We took the time to clean up the underside while we were waiting for the rest of the car to come together.  


The age-cracked Pirelli P7s were replaced with modern Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 tires--a good all-around model for general performance use.  The Fuchs were refinished and certainly gleam.  


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