Race Track Wreck To Show Piece

A racetrack wreck to a show piece

Automotive Reisen in Burr Ridge, Illinois is tackling quite the project!  This 1955 Pre-A Speedster was used as a race car in the Midwest with the SCCA, mostly competing at Road America in Wisconsin.  The new owner wanted to restore it back to "As New" condition and shop's Pat Yanahan was up to the task.  "After we sanded off over two 5-gallon pails of body filler our forensic examination show that the right front had been crushed and the rear had shown signs of a total rollover."

Automotive Reisen assembled a crew of 356 body experts along with fabricators who were up to the challenge for a project that was to last three years.  Here's the first few pictures of the restoration—more to follow! 

After the filler was ground off the outer bodywork, the rear tail skin was removed, revealing quite a mess.  

This is what the rear inner structure looks like after years of racing and sometimes rolling.  

New sheetmetal, sourced from Stoddard, is ready to help put this Speedster back to original. 

Here's a shot of the inner structure coming back together.  Panels are clamped on for fitting before the welding begins.  

From the front, you can see the Speedster shape coming back together.  

Stay tuned for more in a couple of weeks! 


Automotive Reisen

7754 S County Line Rd.

Burr Ridge, IL 60527

(630) 395-7000



2021 Stoddard Swap Meet

2021 Stoddard Swap Meet Dates...

Our 34th Annual Stoddard Swap Meet is scheduled for June 4th and 5th, 2021.  We are planning on having the Friday night literature and toy portion of the event outside. We're renting a second "circus" tent to make this work.  

Scenes from the 2020 Stoddard Swap Meet

Our 33rd Annual Stoddard Swap Meet as held this past Saturday, August 29th.  A wet weather forecast, cancelled car show portion and the current events all effected turn-out, but we were pleased with the attendance.  There were approximately 40 vendors and we saw steady booth traffic throughout the morning.  We were limited by the state of Ohio's limitations on mass gatherings, so the car show portion could not happen--but there certainly were some nice looking Porsches in the parking lot for our "Flea Market."


Updates on Stoddard's 2020 All-Porsche Swap Meet


Planning for the Stoddard Swap Meet on August 28th and 29th is going well!  

We will be enforcing a strict mask or face-covering policy and will be asking everyone to maintain safe social distancing to maintain the safety of our staff, customers and show attendees.   To that end, we won't be opening up our facility like we normally do.  Activities and sales will all happen outside.  

To make this happen, we had to make a few operational changes to the event. 

A)  The Friday Literature and Toy Show will happen outside.  We will be setting up the normal tables in front of our showroom garage door.   

B)  There will be no dinner provided on Friday night.  We will, however, have our normal sandwich shop as a vendor on Saturday for both breakfast and lunch. 

C) The new parts sales area will be set up outside.  You can talk with a sales rep, let them know what you want, they will take payment and your phone number. We will call you when your parts are available for pick up at our shipping dock.   This should go smoothly enough, but we are encouraging everyone to pre-order your parts for pick up at the swap meet.  All show sales, pre-order or on-site will receive a 10% discount.

D) Our normal scratch-and-dent area will be set up outside, rather than our warehouse.   This will take up the first few normal vendor spots from prior years.  

E) Vendor spots will be spread out with spaces in between each vendor.  This might cause some shifts in where certain vendors are versus where they were last year, but we will make every effort to keep things consistent.  No more than four customers per booth at a time.  

F) The car show has been cancelled.  We are allowing Porsches to park in our normal parking area, but there must be no congregating or mass gatherings of more than 10 people in the area.   

G) There will be no access to inside restrooms.  We will have multiple port-o-potties and a wash station.  

Ask Brad Q&A: 356 Clutch Cable — May 22nd, 2020


I have a 356A coupe and getting it ready for driving this Spring. I have the brake and clutch pedals out of the car and thought to replace the clutch cable. But, I’m confused as to which cable to order – the online listings like the Porsche PET aren’t too clear. - A. Cunningham, Monroeville, PA.


Yes, there continues to be confusion about the cables due to misleading printed catalogs and present on-line entries. Many guys seem to go by the length of the cable when ordering. All old used cables in the car for 20-40 years have stretched, so length isn’t a good identifier but can be a rough guide. By the way, the difference in lengths of new cables is only about 3 inches. So, a better guide is the thread diameters on both ends of the cable.  If you disregard the very early cable with the outer casing, you’ll see other three cables all have a different combination of end threads. So the thread diameter is the key to which cable you need. 

Take a look at the chart below.

In the chart I added the part number of the  German company, Gemo, that supplies these cables to the after-market.  In the last several years, Gemo has identified their cables with a red sleeve marked with their part number – a convenient way to lessen the confusion with these cables. 

See our website for details for cable end fittings for each model/transmission combination. Also, I recommend application of the Wurth product, HHS-K lubricant, on the moving parts at each cable end. 

Brad Ripley

Ask Brad Q&A: Fuel System Banjo Bolts — April 27th, 2020

I’m finishing up the rebuild on my 356B Super engine. It’s been a couple of years and just now I’m installing the fuel system. I have several banjo-bolts and can’t figure out which one goes where.  Please enlighten me on banjo bolts. - P. Garvey, Concord, MA.

Like many guys owning and working on 356s, you probably have a box of nuts, bolts and other fittings including a few banjo bolts. There were many banjos on Porsche engines, so it’s not surprising you have this question. If you are wondering, What’s a banjo bolt? See this video here. Porsche calls these "hollow bolts."

carbemail1  carbemail2 2 carbemail3.1

For 356 fuel systems there are only two bolts to worry about. First, for the carburetors (Zenith and Solex), the bolt looks like this photo:

banjo1  banjo2

The important dimension is the thread: 12 x 1,25. The length of the bolt is 22,45 and shoulder under the head is 12,00. With many original bolts, the head will be stamped with a “V” which denotes Vergaser, German for carburetor. Part number is 616 100 867 00 .

For fuel pumps, the bolt may look about the same but the thread is 12 x 1,50. Length is 24,00 and shoulder is 12,00. Part number is 900 175 020 01. Bolt looks like this below: 


Note, there is no shoulder under the head, although the same sealing washer is used.
The fiber sealing washer for both sides of the banjo (ID 12,12) for both carbs and pump is part number 616 108 423 00. You’ll need seven washers per engine. 

Incidentally, for early 356A engines, the 900 175 020 01 bolt is used in the Solex 32 & 40 carbs and also in the early fuel pump. 

I hope this sorts out some of those banjo bolts in your Treasure Box of Fittings.

Brad Ripley

2020 LA Lit and Toy Show Images

The 2020 LA Lit and Toy Show was a great success--just sneaking in before much of the world shut down.  Here are some images .  


Shop Tour at Callas Rennsport. 

Shop Tour at Beverly Hills Car Club. 


Visting Wilhoit Restoration is always a treat--packed as usual! 

Wilhoit had several 4-Cam Carrera motors on display.  

On new stop this year was the Porsche Experience in Carson--lots of eye candy!

Real 917. Off to the side, the engine was getting worked on.  

Several lucky "Shop Tour" goers got a ride in a new Taycan at PECLA!   

The event itself was awesome--wall to wall crowds, before things. Um.  Hit the fan. 

We, of course, had our latest wares on display!

Performance parts or Concours details.  Always there!

Afterwards...more shop tours!

Emory Motorsports opened their doors for our whole crew!

More images can be seen at Stoddard's Facebook page here:


Or our LA Lit and Toy Show Facebook page here:




Scenes From The 2019 Stoddard Swap Meet

Stoddard's 32nd Annual All-Porsche Car Show and Swap Meet was held this past weekend, on June 7-8th.  We had vendors from all over the midwest and Canada present and visitors from all over the country here at our Highland Heights Facility.  Thankfully, this was one of the nicest weekends that Northern Ohio has seen so far this year.  

The Friday night literature and toy meet had some interesting finds. 

Like previous years, we served sandwiches and some pretty darn good cookies.  

LN Engineering was on display both Friday and Saturday.  

The guys from Restoration Design drove down from Canada to show off their "from scratch" Speedster. 

Adam Wright showing off his latest acquisition.  It was more of an arts and crafts project than a Porsche, but any 356 with a title is worth restoring!  

This BT5 looked like a decent driver.  It was for sale for $48,000 in the swap area.  

Our resident 914 Nerd,  Mark Taylor noted that there were at least 9 914s in attendance for the Car Show.  

One of our favorite cars was this Bahama Yellow 912.  No, it wasn't perfect, but it looked like a nice, honest car in a cool color.  

Deborah and Paul Bedford's RHD Speedster was shipped here from Australia to get some work done by Mike Immarino's Aircooled Auto.  Oddly enough, this car was once owned by Mike's dad!  This car earned Third Place in the Car Show. 

Jerry Payto's beautiful 1967 911 is always a treat to look at.  It finished Second in the car show.  

Terrence Orr's 1962 Twin Grill Roadster was Best In Show!  

Jesse Nolan from Across The Pond Restoration accepting the Best In Show award for the Roadster.  

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