Pictures From the 2022 Stoddard Swap Meet

Our 2022 All-Porsche Car Show and Swap Meet was this past weekend. We had solid turn-out, great weather and there loads of neat cars in our parking lot for the show.  

Friday night's literature meet was mostly held outside.  The weather was beautiful, so the tents weren't even needed!


There were a lot of 914s in attendance.  We counted at least 18 that were lined up, including several 914-6s  

This Rubystone 964 Carrera RS was just imported to the states.  Very, very cool car. 

Dan Mainzer's Smyrna Green 356B was stunning in the sunlight.  

This 1969 Signal Green 912 captured second in our Peoples' Choice car show.  It is owned by Maureen Arata from New Haven, Indiana. 


Chris Moore's Cashmere won best in show.  

Cashmere's interior is as nice as the exterior.  


We liked the period correct BBS alloys on this G-Body.  Rad!

Mike Immarino's 356A Coupe was third in our Car Show.  Always a favorite!

Carlisle All Porsche Car Show 2022

The 2022 Central PA region of the PCA had their annual swap meet at the Carlisle Fairgrounds.  The event was packed—we sold a variety of "scratch and dent" items and saw a lot of great deals from other vendors as well.  The weather was excellent—not something that can be said for every CPA swap meet.  

Our next event is our own Stoddard Swap Meet on June 3-4th.  We'll have plenty of more deals and 10% off all regular orders as well. 


Wrecked Racer No More--Completed Speedster Project Images

Automotive Reisen in Burr Ridge, Illinois has wrapped up the restoration of this 1955 Pre-A Speedster, which was used as a race car in the Midwest with the SCCA, mostly competing at Road America in Wisconsin. It had been wrecked numerous times and rolled at one point.  The work included removing pounds of body filler that had been used to "fix" prior damage.  

The customer chose to keep the upgraded disc brake and they present a neat look with narrow 356C wheels painted body color.  


2021 Stoddard Swap Meet Images

After a year or more of worldwide turmoil, it's nice to get back to what we love. Looking at some sweet Porsches, finding bargains on vintage parts and talking to our friends from around the country.  We've been holding our Stoddard All-Porsche Car Show and Swap Meet since 1987 and this one had the most cars on display that we can remember. They were wrapped around the parking lot and they were accompanied their owners, both young and old.  

The vendor count was solid, but we were particularly happy with the show turn out.  Plenty of neat Porsches, from early 356s through the latest models.  


Wrecked Racer Restoration -- Almost Done!

The three-year project at Automotive Reisen in now just a couple of weeks from completion.  All of the lights, instruments and horns work perfectly.  The final objective was to make every area of the 356 totally operational and attractive as the beautiful exterior look of the body.

Although it took months to get the engine done, it took lots of help to source all of the under-engine parts, cables, hoses, mufflers.  Pat writes, "Thanks to Maurice at Stoddard we were able to get most parts necessary.  Pre-A heater/muffler cans were impossible to get so we took those used on a A car and modified them so them looked exactly like the Pre-A.  We also paid attention to making it cosmetically as neat as the topside."

Because of the international pandemic, the carpet set took a long time to be delivered.  This was sourced through Stoddard using the same weave pattern and color as original.  "The installation partner commented on the high quality of the material and the pre-cutting was dead on."

The seat rails and wooden frame for a Speedster were exact as to dimensions and hole fit.  It was more economical to buy new rather than replate.  "Everyone is having long delays with chrome suppliers in the USA" 

It's almost done!   Just a few more details to finish up. 



Update on 1955 Speedster Restoration

Here are some updates from Automotive Reisen in Burr Ridge, Illinois  They've rebuilt the entire inner structure and the results are spectacular.  


We have made major progress on the ’55 Speedster with the interior metal completed.  This was part of the rear that had been crushed in one of its’ many track experiences



The bottom pan was replaced but we noted exactly where the factory had placed the seams and spot welds.  The old pan was unsavable not due to rust but rather the aggressive track use of this Speedster.



Primer and five coats of Glasurit paint with hand sanding between each coat.  The white formula is exact to the original single-stage paint.



The entire exterior painted surface was covered with foam sheet to protect the surface during reassembly.

We are now installing all of the control cables in the tunnel and then the engine goes in.  We expect to be completed in mid-May.  



Race Track Wreck To Show Piece

A racetrack wreck to a show piece

Automotive Reisen in Burr Ridge, Illinois is tackling quite the project!  This 1955 Pre-A Speedster was used as a race car in the Midwest with the SCCA, mostly competing at Road America in Wisconsin.  The new owner wanted to restore it back to "As New" condition and shop's Pat Yanahan was up to the task.  "After we sanded off over two 5-gallon pails of body filler our forensic examination show that the right front had been crushed and the rear had shown signs of a total rollover."

Automotive Reisen assembled a crew of 356 body experts along with fabricators who were up to the challenge for a project that was to last three years.  Here's the first few pictures of the restoration—more to follow! 

After the filler was ground off the outer bodywork, the rear tail skin was removed, revealing quite a mess.  

This is what the rear inner structure looks like after years of racing and sometimes rolling.  

New sheetmetal, sourced from Stoddard, is ready to help put this Speedster back to original. 

Here's a shot of the inner structure coming back together.  Panels are clamped on for fitting before the welding begins.  

From the front, you can see the Speedster shape coming back together.  

Stay tuned for more in a couple of weeks! 


Automotive Reisen

7754 S County Line Rd.

Burr Ridge, IL 60527

(630) 395-7000



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