Gorgeous Grey 1966 911

We got a nice note from Dave DiMaria at Vintage Car Works.  


Here are several pictures of the 66 - 911 that we took to the Concours at The Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills on May 3rd. The car placed First in the Porsche Class.

We finished the restoration of this car last September prior to the The Palos Verdes Concours where it also placed First in the Porsche Class at that event.

The car is painted in single stage acrylic urethane and has been very lightly color sanded and polished in order to replicate the original factory finish. All suspension components and engine the sheet metal were painted in black single stage urethane in order to replicate the original factory appearance as well, no parts were powder coated.  The exterior color is 6601 - Slate Grey and the interior was done using Spinney Beck Leather.

The leather which is Porsche color code 002 (Red) and used between 1966 and 1973 was actually duplicated from original sample books of Spinney Beck's Porsche Collection Leather that John and Ray Paterek had. Apparently, John and Ray worked with Brad Ripley to recreate the Spinney Beck leather's grain, texture and color.

As is the case with all of the Porsche's that we restore, a majority of the parts needed and used on this restoration were supplied by Stoddard Parts. As always, thank you for your service and assistance with our projects. 

Dave DiMaria

Vintage Car Works






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