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We Talk "SC/HR" With Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker's SC/HR

A couple of months ago, we were afforded the opportunity to sit down with Magnus in his LA warehouse shop to discuss his newest project. The SC/HR was a bit of a departure for Magnus, as this car was formed from the base of an ubiquitous G-body 911 SC from 1978. Magnus work on something other than a long-hood car?  Wait until you hear what he told us at the end!

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Early Porsches Assemble For April EASY Cars And Coffee

The first Saturday of every month, the "European Auto Salvage Yard" or EASY, plays host to a growing number of Porsche enthusiasts for their "Cars and Coffee" events. Lately they have taken to filling both sides of the street, piling Porsches in nearly on top of one another. It is quite a spectacle to see, and worth a trip to the SF Bay area if you are nearby. After an invite from a 912 enthusiast, we decided to check it out, to see what all the hubbub was about. We were not disappointed.

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