Any Old Porsches Hanging Around?

Dear Stoddard, 
I enjoyed chatting w/ you at Hershey. As promised, attached are photos documenting how I jacked my rusty 1962 S-90 sunroof coupe up into my garage ceiling. I think car is Oslo Blue, wheels and interior are red. This happened around 1985. I am in plaid shirt with curly hair at the time. 

You can see the car is resting on a couple landscape timbers sitting on the jackstands. I estimate with no engine or wheels, car weighs about 1700-1800 so max. about 450 lbs. per corner. Left side of car rests on back wall of garage. Original 2x6 garage collar cross beam was reinforced by sistering on a 2x10. Didn't sag in middle of 19 foot span more than 1/8" after car was up.  Built and temporarily installed wooden posts to guide the timbers as the car was iterated up in steps. (Yes- I kept them to get car back down!). Holes were cross drilled through the wood guides to insert solid steel rods to rest the timbers on. Each end of the car went up 6" at a time. The whole process only took about two hours. Once up, installed 3/8" threaded rod to support the end of the timbers on rt. side of car.  Pics show guideposts removed at end. 

I joked with the half dozen friends who helped that I knew we didn't need that much help, but I wanted to make sure in case of a disaster there would be someone still unhurt to call 911! Credit to my Dad the engineer who dreamed up this Rube Goldberg.

Craig Erickson, Rochester NY


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