Customer Projects

We Talk "SC/HR" With Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker's SC/HR

A couple of months ago, we were afforded the opportunity to sit down with Magnus in his LA warehouse shop to discuss his newest project. The SC/HR was a bit of a departure for Magnus, as this car was formed from the base of an ubiquitous G-body 911 SC from 1978. Magnus work on something other than a long-hood car?  Wait until you hear what he told us at the end!

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Sepia 1973

A customer of ours noticed that our engine lid seal looked a little strange (it had gotten folded under the lid during our latest cold snap and stayed that way) and mentioned he had a Sepia 1973 as well.  We, of course, asked for pictures.  

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Chris Kimmelshue's 1973 911S

Chris Kimmelshue found a 1973 911S that had lead an interesting life—complete with some modification history from Brumos Porsche in Jacksonville, Fla. which was counterbalanced by some dubious metal work. The before pictures don't look bad—but isn't that how all big projects start? 

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