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Renew Your Steering

Renew  Your  Steering

You’ve spent considerable time and money on the body and trim of your 356, but have you paid attention to the running gear?  Often the most forgotten area is the front suspension, and especially the steering part of it.  You’ve probably rebuilt the outer spindles and replaced the tie rod ends.  But, most often neglected is the steering gearbox

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Hump Panels—Moving Quickly

If there ever was a bellweather for the 911 restoration business, the hump panel is it. Thanks to rising car values, we are seeing a huge increase in people needing this rather esoteric piece of sheetmetal—to fix rust most often caused by severe salt exposure or a leaking windshield seal on cars previously thought of as "unrestoreable."  Folks, everything is restorable!  


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A Primer on 356 Bearing Sets

Main bearing Sets are a constant source of confusion for early air-cooled Porsche owners.  The Factory long ago stopped producing full sets and the engines can take a variety of different sizes, based upon year of manufacture and machine work to account for wear. Here's a handy guide to what bearings are available for your 356 or 912

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While You're In There.

It can be said that the enemy of "done" is "better." and we occasionally hear this phrase when we're talking about Porsche restorations.  While at first, this might seem like a defeatist attitude, the truth of the matter is that this idea could be applied realistically to even best concours-winning restorations. The trick is to know when to recognize that you're going overboard and deal with it. 

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