The Exclusive Stoddard Car Dolly, for 911 or 912. A 356 Adapter Is Now Available!

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There is now a 356 Adapter Available!  Click Here.

Are you looking for a convenient way to work on your bare Porsche 911 or 912 chassis?  We have developed a heavy duty, professional quality body dolly that is perfect for your bare-tub Porsche restoration. The design is extremely stable and sturdy—each of the four 4.5-inch casters is rated at 5000lbs each and are designed to roll over uneven solid surfaces easily. 

The chassis dolly is only intended to hold a bare 911, 912 or 356 Chassis.  You have to unbolt the engine, transmission and front suspension for it to work.  It is not intended to hold a completed car. 

The Stoddard dolly ships in four boxes

10x10x17 inches, 40lbs.

16x11x11 inches, 40lbs.

50x6x4 inches, 50lbs.

50x9x6 inches, 45lbs. 

All hardware and heavy duty casters are included in the Car Dolly. 

The rear uprights mount to the transmission mounts on the chassis.   

Four tie down points are included so the unit (and car attached) can be trailered 

The front mounts bolt to the suspension pick up points.  

The car dolly is height adjustable.  In it's tallest setting, you can easily weld or paint on the underside of the car.  

All four corners are gusseted with heavy duty corner sections for a wiggle free assembly.  The entire structure is made out of 3/16-inch high strength steel that is CNC laser cut with a clear zinc finish.   

We are doing a small run of these car dollys and plan on doing future runs with adapters for 914 and 356 tubs. The dolly is designed to be shipped at a reasonable cost via UPS.  It assembles in less than 30 minutes and the precision cut and bent frame will bolt up to any 911 or 912 from 1965 through 1989.  

Dimensions of two shipping boxes are as follows:
96”x9”x9” (85 pounds) (main frame)

19”x12”x13” (68 pounds) (hardware)

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Here are some images of the new adapter so you can use our Dolly to work on a 356.  Click Here.



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