New Stoddard Striker Plates

We went back to the drawing board to develop 356 striker plates last year—for this year, we've developed our own exclusive line of 911, 912 and 964 striker plates that have all of the correct details made in-house.  You can scroll for more pictures or order them now

We started the reengineering process with the polyurethane and Delrin inserts. These are designed to be more UV and thermally stable than the original parts.  They are often cracked and missing from old striker plates and their replacement makes your doors shut with that original "ping" sound as they click shut. 

The pins and rivets are machined and drum anodized so that there's no corrosion in between the plates. Many of the prior reproductions are anodized as an assembled piece, which is incorrect. 

The outer portion of the plate is properly laser cut and machined with perfectly countersunk screw holes.  

The backside has coined hole reliefs so they snuggle into the closing panel correctly.  

All of our striker plate pieces before they are peened together. 

We are also offering the striker plates in a clear (silver) zinc finish that is appropriate for the earliest 911 and 912s.  


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