Early Porsches Assemble For April EASY Cars And Coffee

The first Saturday of every month, the "European Auto Salvage Yard" or EASY, plays host to a growing number of Porsche enthusiasts for their "Cars and Coffee" events. Lately they have taken to filling both sides of the street, piling Porsches in nearly on top of one another. It is quite a spectacle to see, and worth a trip to the SF Bay area if you are nearby. After an invite from a 912 enthusiast, we decided to check it out, to see what all the hubbub was about. We were not disappointed.

What started out as a small gathering for the 911 "R Gruppe" has morphed into an all-inclusive Porsche extravaganza, now encompassing the Early 911S Registry members, and even bringing in the occasional watercooled Porsche, and even a Volkswagen or two. Though still a primarily Longhood-centric event, there seems to be a bit of something for everyone.

Everything from a 356C through to a Ruf 996 Turbo R showed up last Saturday, and nobody was turned away. If you've got a P-car, or are simply an enthusiast, it's worth the trip. We drove "over the hill" from Reno, NV out to San Francisco (a 4 hour trip), and it was worth every minute.  

Another interesting bit of our little excursion included a peak behind the curtain that is the inventory at EASY. As a vintage Porsche dismantler, they have a lot of those little hard to find pieces that you just can't find at Stoddard NLA. Bits and bobs that have been discontinued for ages will show up in their inventory. Besides, on the first Saturday of every month, they supply a mean coffee and donuts.  




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