Trevor Gate's November Progress Report

The winner of our "We Can Save Them All" contest was in for a really big project. Trevor knew that from the start, yet it's always a little surprising when even more rust is found—despite the fact that the 1957 356 was a sandblasted-bare shell. 

The bottoms of the doors have some rust where the layers of metal are sandwiched and crimped together.  The only solution is to cut that all apart and fabricate new patches. 

 The door bottom patch panels were made with a sheet metal brake. If you need a little larger patch, you can use our door bottom patches HERE 

The inner structure of the door will also need to be sand blasted again to clean up the corrosion.  Trevor will be using some of our door bottom repair panels to fix these portions of the car. 

Next up, working on templates for the rear of the front fenders, using the doors as a guide of what the fender has to line up with.  Trevor uses white paper and a pencil to mark out the body seams. There are fender repair sections for this area that will make this job easier, which can be found HERE


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