Stoddard Newsletter: Early January 2016

January 13, 2016
Winter Wheel Deal

    Here's a great winter time project—wheel replacement. There's plenty of time to take your bent and rusted original wheels off the car and bolt on a set of factory-fresh new ones. Our disc brake wheels are built using modern production techniques for corrosion resistance, strength and trueness.  
    Now through February 29th, 2016 we have a special deal on our in-stock 15-inch disc brake wheels. If you buy four wheels for your 356C, 911 or 912 at the regular price, we will throw in your spare wheel for free! That is five wheels for the price of four!  

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644-511-010-07-GRV Front Trunk Lid for 356C

How Is Your Frunk?
    The front trunk of a classic air-cooled Porsche is sometimes called the "Frunk"  Silly, we know, but it is a part of the charm of these cars. We have front trunk lids for A through C cars in stock for your restoration, as we know it's just about impossible to unkink a bent hood. We also offer inner floors, bulkheads and closing panels as well as battery boxes and cargo trays.    

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Early 356 Door Strip

   When you open up the door on a properly-restored early 356, you'll notice a thin aluminum strip that borders the opening and finishes off the edges of the carpet and upholstery. Being thin aluminum, these are often mangled and unusable when they are removed. We have new strips that are exact duplicates of the Factory versions to help you finish your interior correctly. 

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nla-551-181-00-pic2_copy 2

NLA-551-181-00 Aluminum Strip at Door Opening. Set of 4. Fits 356, 356A




photo courtesty of Sports Car Digest

2015 Auction Report from Sports Car Digest

    Like weight loss (or gain as the case may be) it is often better to look at longer term trends rather than isolated data points. Weigh yourself on a weekly basis rather than focusing on daily fluctuations. 
    Porsche and other collector car values are similar. Sports Car Digest published a great year-in-review piece on Porsche values that we found very interesting. 

SWB 911 Wiper Rebuild Kits.

    Like many Porsche fiends, we use that acronym "SWB" to denote the short wheelbase 911 and 912s that were built between 1965 and 1968. There's enough unique items on these cars that you could draw parallels between the split between 356A and 356B cars. The windshield wiper system, for example, is quite a bit different and there aren't a lot of replacement parts available—that is, until now. We've got a rebuild kit for the linkage that will restore like-new functionality to your wipers without breaking the bank!   



SIC-628-KIT Wiper Assembly Repair Kit For 911 912 1965-68

SIC-503-001-00 copy

SIC-503-001-00 Front Fender Hardware Kit

911 Fender Hardware Kits

    As we strive for ever-better restoration products for your vintage Porsche, we analyze our hardware kits on a regular basis for authenticity. We redid our fender hardware kits for the 1969-1973 911 and 912 cars with the correct yellow zinc finish and brick-red fiber washers. Sure, it's a little detail, but isn't that why we do this?

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Motul Oils and Fluids—In Stock At Stoddard

    When it's time for an oil change or a brake fluid flush, you can get high quality Motul products with your regular Stoddard order. From high-zinc Classic 20W50 for older air-cooled cars to synthetics for moderns, we stock every Motul fluid your Porsche needs. As a stocking dealer, our prices are competitive and we ship daily! 



MOT-102780 Motul 6100 SYNERGIE 15W50


SIC-803-123-21-SET-pic1-stoddard-harry-szabrak copy

SIC-803-123-21-SET Shoulder Seat Belt Hardware Set


Seatbelt Hardware for 356C and early 911 

    If you're restoring the interior of your 356C or early 911 912, you've probably had to deal with some nasty 50 year-old seat belts and their hardware. We've come up with a shoulder belt mounting kit for the 356C and early 911 and 912 that replaces the original soft aluminum mounting knob, brittle black rosette and often-stripped allen bolt with fresh pieces.  

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N.O.S. Norma Hose Clamps

    We are still tripping over cool things in our warehouse. We found a few boxes of N.O.S. hose clamps made by Norma with the correct yellow zinc finish. These 22 and 23mm clamps are used throughout the early 911 and 912s in the fuel system for vapor recovery as well as other miscellaneous spots.  




SIC-512-122-02 Hose Clamp, Norma 22mm

2016 Calendar of Events
3/5: LA Lit Meet
3/6:  All Porsche Car Display and Swap Meet, Anaheim, CA
4/14-17: 356Car's North Meets South, San Luis Obispo, CA
4/16: Hershey Swap Meet, Hershey PA.
6/3-4: Stoddard Swap Meet, Cleveland, Ohio
6/4-5: Friends of Steve McQueen Show, Chino Hills, CA
9/8-11: 356 Registry East Coast Holiday, Akron, Ohio

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