Sepia-toned Arrival

One issue with our 911 that we had to solve is its location when we inked the deal. It was in Montana and we're in Ohio.  That was fixed pretty easily—we contracted with a transport company to ship the car here for $850.  We had it done on an open carrier—a few days in the elements wouldn't hurt a 40 year old Porsche any worse than it already had done to this point.  We were very pleased with its overall condition and appearance.  

The 911 looked better than we expected.

The interior was a little scruffy—and there was that gaping hole around the pedal cluster to deal with. 

The interior looks good

We were surprised to learn that the car had Koni shocks and the very-cool aluminum "S" calipers.  What a score!

S Calipers are a score we weren't expecting.

Next up—our project gets its first bath in our care. 


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