Bathtime is so much fun..

Washing a car is a way to bond with it—think of it as a first date before you really get down to the intimate business of a restoration.  We grabbed a bucket, some car wash and a bottle of orange-based degreaser and went to town over the weekend on our little brown 911. Once again, we were very happy with what was found out once a layer of dirt was removed from the beastie. 

We used some child labor during this process.  The proper authorities (ie, Mom) have been notified. 

Bathtime for our Porsche

We jacked the car up and removed the wheels to really give the underside a clean-up and look-see. 

the wheel wells cleaned up very nicely

We found a little bit of rust under the battery boxes—nothing terrible and it was something we talked with the previous owner about. 

The battery box rust

There was a little bit of rust in the right-side fender joining panel.  We think we can actually save most of the panel.  We'd rather patch it with pieces sectioned out of a new panel, rather than replacing the whole thing.  

fender joining panels

Lastly—and very importantly—the rear torsion area looks rock solid. 


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