First Look

We're always looking for old Porsches to tinker with and recently found a 1973.5 911T that we're going to restore here at Stoddard.  It's the first year of the CIS fuel injection, yet still a classic "long hood" 911 that needs some love.  We found it in Great Falls, Montana.  It had been traded for some carpentry work and the carpenter sold it to a local Porsche mechanic—a PCA Zone Rep, actually—and he was now unloading it.  We asked a bunch of questions, got a bunch of pictures from the seller and decided that it looked good enough to buy it sight unseen.  We had enough pictures that even if we ran into three times more problems than we expected, we were still going to be OK with the car.  

Here was the first image that we saw of the car—the seller had us at "It still has its ugly black bumperettes." 

first look

The engine could be turned over with the alternator and fan wrench.  That's always a good sign. 

engine looks good

There was a small dent on the left rear quarter panel. 

Small dent on fender

But the big problem was the fact that the pedal box area looked like it had spent some time on the Andrea Doria.  It was rusted solid—and the floor was rusted through.  

pedal box rust


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