Survivor SC

We found a 1978 911SC in remarkably original condition and we're starting to get it back on the road.  It's got just 35,000 miles on it and has been off the road for nearly 20 years.  This early SC was manufactured in September of 1977 and has many of the features of an earlier car, including the stainless targa bar, chrome headlight rings and no passenger side mirror.  

Our plan is to very carefully get the car reanimated and do a thorough cleaning.  We do not intend to restore this excellent survivor. 


The original silver paint is in excellent condition.  We'll clean and polish this very carefully. 

The tires are completely dry rotted.  Those outer grooves are actually immense cracks in the rubber.  Yet, they still hold air.  We're going to replace them immediately.  

The tires were molded in 1982. Yikes.  

The spare tire has never been mounted on the car. 

The owners manual and service book are present and show three previous owners. 


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