More Assembly Pictures of our 1969 911S

We're slowly reinstalling the front end of our 911 after paint.  Reassembly always takes longer than taking things apart—afterall, we're making sure that every part that we put back on is correct and in good condition.  


One issue that we discovered during this stage was that the screws that attach the headlights to the fender were mismatched—we kept one original fender on the left and replaced the right side fender.  The lefthand fender's fitting for the headlight was drilled out to accept a sheetmetal screw instead of the original countersunk metric machine thread. This was a common "repair" back in the day when the original screws rusted together.  

We are hoping to have the car back together soon.  Our plan is to bring it to Porsches to Ohio in July—a "re-debut" of sorts for our S. 


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