We Can Save Them All Contest—Dirty Dozen Finalists

We Can Save Them All Contest Update

From the original 34 entries, here are the picks for the Dirty Dozen finalists in the We Can Save Them All  contest.  Voting on the 356 Registry Project Forum will go from May 8th to May 22.  

The top four will be chosen during that time and we'll have a second round of voting that will start on May 22nd and will go to May 31st to determine the overall winner.   The overall winner will receive $5000 in Stoddard sheetmetal and an additional $2500 in trim and other finishing parts for their restoration. 

#1: Rich Ewald's 1957 356A Coupe's nickname is "Cheese Cloth"   Click Here and you'll find out why.  


#4: Jeff Graham's 1956 Speedster that's been in his family since the 1970s.  More information HERE. 

#6: Harlan Halsey's Project is a 1956 T1 that he found in the Santa Cruz mountains.  He's got a mountain of work ahead of him. 

#7: Mark Pelkey's 1958 Cabriolet stopped by our office a few weeks ago--surprisingly original, but lots of rust to fix! 

#8:  Jim Slaby's Father and Son Project. A disaster within a disaster.  Pictures of this terrible (but savable!) car Here. 

#12: Tom Nelson bought this 1958 Sunroof Coupe out of Ohio--he should have known rust would be an issue.  Nasty! 

#17: Tom Miller's  1952 356 1500S Coupe #12049 "Woods Find Tree Car"

#20: Daryl Bertam's Ratty 1953 Pre A Coupe

#22: Andreas Rauer and his son's 1959 T2 Coupe...The Pumpkin! 


#25: Trevor Gates' 356 Project in Three Pieces. 

#26: Philip Bernard's 1957 356A Coupe.  Answering the question of When is a Bathtub a Banana?

#28: Mark Todorovich's 1956 Speedster


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