Details That Make a Difference

Here are some photos of the neat details of the work on our 1969 911s as it comes back together. 

With the gas tank out of the car, you can really get down in the front trunk area to reassembly the battery connections and hold-downs.  


We used a Spray-Out card to double check the match of the Ossi Blue paint.  

spray on card

The spray-out card gives us a larger color chip to compare to the finish that was on the car.  

spray out card

We can't wait to get behind the steering wheel again to enjoy the peaky flat-6 911s engine.   Thorough masking has kept the interior from getting too dusty during this process, although it needs a complete detailing once the project is done.  


Here's a shot we forgot to upload earlier.  It shows how the black undercoating stops on the fender joining panel, which is black on one side and blue on the other—just like the factory originally did.  


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