Our 911SC Gets A New Interior

by Cameron Taylor

Stoddard recently purchased a 1982 911SC, and we’ve been working on several things to make this excellent 911 even better. The car had just undergone a mild exterior restoration, receiving a new paint job. The SC spent its entire life in Hawai’i and California and was remarkably clean. However, when we got the car, it still had the original brown and tan interior. Not only was it a very unmemorable hue, the interior was worn and needed work. The leather-covered dash pad has some warpage in several places because of sun damage.

We decided to completely overhaul the interior with just about everything we offer for these cars.  That meant new seat covers, carpet, headliner and door panels—nearly every surface was recovered or replaced during the process. The installation of the interior was handled by Autos International in Escondido, California.

The decision was made to give the car a unique looking interior. Instead of just redoing the browns, we changed it up a bit with all new blue leather seats, door panels and dashboard. We added in some Oatmeal square weave carpeting like you’d typically see in a 356—making this SC a ‘retroactive z-order car’ with a real throwback flair. The old school carpet was bound on the edges with blue leather to match the rest of the interior.  The final result really ties together well with the Grand Prix White exterior, which has hints of blue in the pigments. 

Owning this SC gives us a great opportunity to develop new products for these fantastic 911s. Pre-production door pockets made of ABS plastic were put on the car. We are happy to report they fit well and are highly durable. This product is a sure winner and with more people interested in 911SCs, this product will be on the market soon.

We finished off the interior by adding a set of our CocoMats in blue with white spots. The well-made mats keep the light Oatmeal carpet clean and tie in well with rest of the interior. 

The 911SC will be used for future product development and we’ll be sure to put some miles on it—it’s too nice not to enjoy. 




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