Scenes From The 2019 Stoddard Swap Meet

Stoddard's 32nd Annual All-Porsche Car Show and Swap Meet was held this past weekend, on June 7-8th.  We had vendors from all over the midwest and Canada present and visitors from all over the country here at our Highland Heights Facility.  Thankfully, this was one of the nicest weekends that Northern Ohio has seen so far this year.  

The Friday night literature and toy meet had some interesting finds. 

Like previous years, we served sandwiches and some pretty darn good cookies.  

LN Engineering was on display both Friday and Saturday.  

The guys from Restoration Design drove down from Canada to show off their "from scratch" Speedster. 

Adam Wright showing off his latest acquisition.  It was more of an arts and crafts project than a Porsche, but any 356 with a title is worth restoring!  

This BT5 looked like a decent driver.  It was for sale for $48,000 in the swap area.  

Our resident 914 Nerd,  Mark Taylor noted that there were at least 9 914s in attendance for the Car Show.  

One of our favorite cars was this Bahama Yellow 912.  No, it wasn't perfect, but it looked like a nice, honest car in a cool color.  

Deborah and Paul Bedford's RHD Speedster was shipped here from Australia to get some work done by Mike Immarino's Aircooled Auto.  Oddly enough, this car was once owned by Mike's dad!  This car earned Third Place in the Car Show. 

Jerry Payto's beautiful 1967 911 is always a treat to look at.  It finished Second in the car show.  

Terrence Orr's 1962 Twin Grill Roadster was Best In Show!  

Jesse Nolan from Across The Pond Restoration accepting the Best In Show award for the Roadster.  

2019 Norcal Treffpunkt Announcements

Our friends at Nor Cal Treffpunkt has a organized a pair of Swap Meets for this Summer.

June 2nd & September 8th
Concord High School
4202 Concord Blvd.
Concord, CA 94518
New swap meet for the Bay Area and now the only Northern California Porsche Swap meet due to the cancellation of Parts Heavens event. Last year was the first year and we had 34 sellers with very little advertising so this year should be much bigger. Coffee and donuts will be served while supplies last. $40.00 per vehicle space and you can use as much as you need. Commercial vendors are welcome as are show cars that want to hang out. No charge for show cars or for "cars for sale".  
And of course...don't forget the Treffpunkt event itself:
Nor Cal Vintage VW & Porsche Treffpunkt
Don't forget to mark your calendars for what has become a staple in the SF Bay area (14th year). You have to attend to get the feel of what is the most relaxed day of hanging out and checking out the best air cooled VW's and Porsche's plus the oddities that show up every year. Don't tell anyone but I don't turn away water cooled cars because my feeling is if you want to come and hang out who am I to say no and ruin your day.

Free bagels, coffee and donuts while supplies last.....last year we went through 15 gallons of coffee, 12 dozen donuts and 13 dozen bagels!

When- August 4th
Where- Dave Brubeck Park, 4202 Concord Blvd., Concord, CA 94518
Time- 8:00AM- 2:30PM
Cost- $20.00 per car
Swaping is allowed as long as it is driven in to the park in your "show car". 
Here is just one of the articles that has been written about the Treffpunkt

Stoddard Stainless Sport Exhaust System for 356 and 912.

Please Meet The Stoddard Stainless Sport Exhaust System for 356 and 912!

A few years ago, we helped the TV Show, "Overhaulin'" build a custom 356 by supplying them with sheetmetal and trim items to complete the project. The Host, Chip Foose, did a lot of custom work on the 356 and our friend Rod Emory chipped in as well. The finished car included a pretty wild exhaust system that we loved.  

The exhaust system was engineered at Magnaflow for the TV Show—we then took that original design and adapted it for larger scale production to fit 356A through 356C cars with the included mandrel-bent tubes that slide into the stock bumper outlets.  We also created tips so that the all-stainless-steel performance exhaust could be used on a 912, as well as Sport tips for exiting under the bumper on a 356.  It's got a great, throaty sound and works well on stock and 1720cc big bore engines.  

The exhaust systems are constructed out of 400-series stainless steel with polished straight-through perforated-core mufflers. The design incorporates an X or Cross pipe design to boost torque, which is usually difficult from a packaging perspective on a flat-four engine.  

We took extra care to perfect the exhaust note of the system. There is no resonances or drone at speed—just a nice, throaty sound during acceleration.  Here's a link of the video of the sound during acceleration HERE.  You can also hear the exhast system idling HERE. 

Please give us a call at (800) 342-1414 to order or go HERE to order online. 

Ask Brad: Q&A -- Drum Brake Tips — 4/11/2019


I have a 1963 356B coupe which needs new front brakes.I’m pretty handy working on cars and want to do the work myself. I see you sell new brake shoes and all the other brake stuff. Tell me what to watch out for with this job. - George B.,  Cleveland, OH.


There are no real mysteries in the Porsche 356 drum brakes. So here’s a few words that should help you out. Obviously, the front drums need the most attention and the drums themselves wear out after all these years.  Any cracks in the drum linings are cause to have the drums relined – there are a couple of sources for that service in the US – call me for names. Plus, the Porsche factory has recently manufactured new complete drums. However, usually the drums are good and may only need slight re-surfacing.

Assuming your drums are good, then your major job will be replacing the shoes and wheel cylinders. There are three areas to pay attention to. See photos below of both brake assemblies. 

Brake cylinders – two of the cylinders you will receive will go in the upper location and two go in the lower location. Look in the photo of the right-hand assy: The upper cylinder has the adjuster on the left side and the bottom one has the adjustor on the right side. 
Brake shoes – all four shoes should be the same design. The new production shoes from Stoddard NLA are modelled after the last and best original version. Previous Porsche versions can be used as well but are not as effective. Check the position of each in the photos.  

Look at the shoe in the upper left in the right-hand assy.The thick end goes into the adjuster side of the cylinder and the thin end goes into the non-adjustor side of the lower cylinder.
Some shoes are slightly thicker and/or bent on the end and will bind in the slot. A little filing or slight grinding will take care of that problem. A very slight touch of anti-seize compound at those points will solve any binding.   
Springs – carefully note which hole the ends of the springs attach to. Those springs are four of the big springs in your brake hardware kit (the other two are used on the rear brakes). You’ll find that vice-grip type pliers are your best friend to get the ends of these springs into the holes! The other springs are the little coil springs which tension the end caps against the “nails”. Again, there’s no problem if you have the right tool.  Buy one like this at Pep Boys which will take the grief out of setting the seats against the springs.

That should get you started on doing your brake job. Give us a call with any questions.


Brad Ripley

For Sale: Super Clean 944 Turbo!

A friend of ours has a very clean 71k-mile 1986 944 Turbo for Sale.  The 951 has recently undergone a full service and is very reasonably priced at $14,000. It wears all-original paint and the interior looks very pristine.  The car is located near Cleveland Ohio.   Please contact George Wojnowski at (440) 725-2181 

Ask Brad: Q&A -- Fan Shroud Plugs — 3/28/2019


I have a 356C. This Spring I’m detailing my engine – painting the engine tin and coil and so forth. I bought two tiny rubber plugs but wonder where they go. The part number on my invoice is 539-06-116. 
John C.,  Sacramento, CA.

Good question. The Porsche Parts Catalog and the Porsche Electronic Catalog (PET) just shows those little plugs off to the side of the fan house and no real indication of where they go. Take a look at the photo below.  In the background is the fact that the fan housings started out from Volkswagen and were modified by Porsche as the years went by. You can see some metal plugs spot-welded here and there which close up 
holes used in other applications, i.e., Pre-A and industrial engines.


You will need two of these plugs. Note, one of the plugs will be hidden after the coil and oil filter brackets are installed. 

Give us a call with questions any time.

Brad Ripley

New Stoddard Brake Shoes

by Cameron Taylor

Demand the best for your vintage Porsche brakes– Stoddard’s new production of quality 356 drum brake shoes. When the 356 was produced, it was equipped with drum brakes, which were pretty normal for the time. These function by expanding the pair of shoes into the inner friction surface of the drum to create friction to stop the car. In 1964,  with the introduction of the 356C, Porsche switched to the newer and more modern disc brake system. However, there are many older models still on the road, and as they are performance cars, albeit vintage,  braking is still of top importance. 

For many years remanufactured brake shoes were the only choice for the 356 owner. Just as it sounds, each shoe is stripped of its friction material and new material is reapplied. Now there is an option for higher quality and better performance. For the first time in decades, newly manufactured 356 brake shoes are available for sale. These new shoes are designed to fit perfectly and are a great value.

Stoddard brake shoes are made here in America using the highest quality components. Each new backing plate is laser cut and then assembled using state of the art computer-controlled TIG welding. The backing plate ends are finished with proper coining to better fit the cylinders. The friction material is bonded to our plates with asbestos free lining applied by the largest manufacture of brake shoes here in the United States.

An axle set of our brake shoes (4)  is a great value and will fit 356, 356A, and 356B models. There is no core charge as we use all new material.

Click Here to Buy. 



Our backing plate components are made from high quality steel

Our shoes are made using state of the art TIG welding for optimum fit and precision.

2019 356 Club Show at Phoenix Club Pictures

Here are some images from the 356 Club of Southern California's All Porsche Car Show and Swap Meet at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, California on March 3rd, 2019.  The weather was awesome--the rains from the night before had all cleared out and it was pretty sunny most of the day.  Lots of neat cars, great stuff to find in the swap section and great people as always. 

2019 LA Lit Meet Show Images

2019 LA Lit Meet at the LAX Hilton on March 2nd, 2019.  We had a record number of vendors and the crowds were much larger than in year's past.  Here are some pictures we took while at the show. 

2019 LA Lit Meet Week Shop Tours Photo Album

We organized a series of shop tours to area shops both before and after the LA Lit Meet.  Here's a bunch of images we took--we are still  finding more! 

We started out the Thursday tours with a long bus ride down to Fallbrook California to visit CPR. It's been raining a lot in Southern California and the normally-brown hills were blooming with color. 

Next, we stopped at Autos International in Escondido to see their upholstery shop. Always top-notch work there. 

Next up, a visit with John Benton at Benton Performance. They really rolled out the red carpet for us, with a great lunch and goodie bags for our Bus Tour guests.  Thanks, John! 

While one bus headed South on Thursday, another one went North.  Our first stop on the Points North Bus was TRE Motorsport

We then stopped at John Esposito's shop, Espo Resto.  John is a true craftsman and had a lot of great examples of his work on display and in process. 

A stop at LA Dismantlers in Sun Valley was next on the itinerary. Here, we learned how the cars are brought in and parted out, or sometimes sold whole.  Their business is mostly in the later model cars, but we did see a handful of G-body 911s.  

The open house at Sierra Madre Collection was next.  They shut down an adjacent side street and had plenty of excellent Porsches on display.  

Beverly Hills Car Club isn't in Beverly Hills and it isn't a Car Club, but they did show us a wide selection of classic and collector cars, some nice, some that would be nice projects.  

Friday Morning, we embarked on a Tour of the South Bay and Torrance area. We had three busses running this route.  Our first stop was Callas Rennsport in Torrance. 

Tony Callas is the go-to guy when it comes to working on your 959. He had one in his shop this week—so interesting! 

We took a ride up the street to visit Klasse 356 and shop-owner, Ed Rutherford. 

In the same complex, there is Nicolas Hunziker's gallery of fine automotive art. Nicolas had everything on display—plus great snacks! 

A perennial favorite is a stop at Willhoit Restoration in Long Beach. John has facilities on both sides of the street and there were dozens of concours cars on display.  Simply stunning work. 

Next up was the open house at Pelican Parts.  Founder Wayne Dempsey was there showing off his toy collection, like this 962. 

After the LA Lit Meet on Saturday, we had a bus tour that ran down to Costa Mesa.  It's first stop was CarParcUsa, an early 911 specialist. 

Jim Liberty of Liberty Motorsports had his shop doors open for a peak at some cool cars.  

Our annual pilgrammage to European Collectibles is always fun.  

On Saturday, we also had a second bus going to the Open House at Emory Motorsports in North Hollywood. Emory's shop just moved and his new place is outstanding! 

Rod Emory's latest creation is this twin-turbocharged monster. It's powered by Emory's bespoke 911-based four-cylinder and has a later model 911 suspension under it.  Fantastic! 

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