Last Stop Before Paintbooth

Our 911 is getting ready to roll into the paint booth.  We'll be painting all of the exterior panels except the roof, which was found to be in perfect condition.  We will painting into the door jams and closing panels, as there was some work done to the rocker panels. The fenders, doors and bumpers will be painted off the car—while this is something we'd hesitate to do on a metallic, this is a single-stage non-metallic enamel that will not show any inconsistencies if the panels are painted separately. 


We will be painting it the same shade of blue that it came with—3803 Ossi Blue. We're getting impatient to see this car come back together.  While it isn't a full restoration, it's been apart for months and we're eager to start driving it again. There's nothing quite like an original 2.0 liter engine in 'S' trim. 

closing panel


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