Reference Images of Early 911 Undercarriage Paint

Before we get too nuts and paint the underside of our 1973 911, we shot some images of how the car was painted from the factory.  The car has some small chips and wear from 40 years of use, but you can see how the beige undersealant is partially covered by the Sepia paint, and a small stripe of black paint that was applied by hand. 

The black stripe swoops up a bit towards the rear wheel housing, underneath the torsion bar 

Here you can see how the pedal box repair is coming along.  There are some newer black areas, which are spots of rust encapsulating paint we used to treat small areas of surface corrosion. 

And one final shot of the passenger side floor. We need to dolly out a few dents in the pan before it gets painted. The rockers are all very solid, with just small, localized areas of corrosion around the rocker deco mounting holes.  

Documenting original features like this can really make a restoration go smoother.  We like to take pictures of original surfaces and paint patterns, as well as more physical things—like the internal workings of the distributor or the fuse box region.  The latter is especially helpful when wiring the car back up after fresh paint.  Not everyone has the ability to remember where all of these wires go! 


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