2020 LA Lit and Toy Show Images

The 2020 LA Lit and Toy Show was a great success--just sneaking in before much of the world shut down.  Here are some images .  


Shop Tour at Callas Rennsport. 

Shop Tour at Beverly Hills Car Club. 


Visting Wilhoit Restoration is always a treat--packed as usual! 

Wilhoit had several 4-Cam Carrera motors on display.  

On new stop this year was the Porsche Experience in Carson--lots of eye candy!

Real 917. Off to the side, the engine was getting worked on.  

Several lucky "Shop Tour" goers got a ride in a new Taycan at PECLA!   

The event itself was awesome--wall to wall crowds, before things. Um.  Hit the fan. 

We, of course, had our latest wares on display!

Performance parts or Concours details.  Always there!

Afterwards...more shop tours!

Emory Motorsports opened their doors for our whole crew!

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