SIC-107-100-02 Anti-Drain Back Valve for 911 1972-1989 SIC10710002

The Anti Drain Back Valve is designed to prevent oil from migrating back into the engine from the oil tank when the car is stationary. It is easy to install in the suction hose that supplies oil to the engine from the tank. It uses an internal stopper with a very light weight spring. When the car is parked, the spring keeps the valve closed. The spring is a super high quality mil spec part, but if it should ever fail the result would be a fully open valve. THERE IS ZERO CHANCE OF OIL STARVATION, EVEN IF THE VALVE WERE TO FAIL. The aluminum valve body is hard anodized for extreme durability and corrosion resistance. The early and late 911 valves are easy to install. You simply cut the factory hose, remove a section equal to the length of the valve body, install the valve as marked (Motor/Tank), and tighten the connection using hose clamps.
SIC-107-100-02 Anti-Drain Back Valve for 911 1972-1989
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