SIC-501-117-02 Fuel Tank Support for 911 912E 1974-89 91150111702 SIC50111702

This section of sheet metal can be found in the front trunk, in front of the visible section of fuel tank, connecting all the way across the chassis to the leading edge of the battery box. Comes to you ready to be welded in without requiring fabrication work. Rid your car of rust using trusted sheetmetal components. Fits all 911 and 912 models built between 1974 and 1989.
Fuel Tank Support for 911 912E 1974-89 Replaces 91150111702
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Diagram # 8
SKU SIC-501-117-02
SKU_D SIC.501.117.02
SKU_U SIC50111702
Cross Reference 911-501-117-02 91150111702
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